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Supportive Friend


I have a hybrid approach, drawing from Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi mindfulness-based therapy, narrative therapy, attachment and neurobiological approaches.  

This means that I work a bit differently with every client; it’s never cookie-cutter. Instead, I want to hear your uniquely personal concerns.  Ultimately this can allow surprising and new understandings to emerge because the work is tailored to you.

I’ll begin by getting to know you, your concerns, and what you’ve already tried. I’ll be listening for your strengths and gifts, undiscovered talents, and what you might be ready for next in your process.  

I’ll also look for unexplored territory that might support your goals.  I am warm, relaxed, and totally engaged. I seek to be both an experienced guide, and, at the same time, the wind at your back that makes you captain of the ship. 

We will work mindfully, celebrating small steps, and also bolster conditions in your life that support your growth.  I’m a good fit for people moving towards an lovingly honest, growth-oriented relationship with themselves and others.  I may not be a good fit for a person looking for a purely mainstream approach, such as only cognitive behavioral therapy.

Therapy that includes mindfulness and somatic work allows us to touch layers of experience that are typically beyond surface awareness. This accesses a richer, more reliable growth process.  If this sounds of interest to you, I welcome you to call me for a free initial consultation. 

I look forward to connecting!

A Supportive Therapist


Dear Kids and Teens,

As your therapist, my role is a bit different than a teacher role, in that I’m not directing curriculum at you. Instead, I see myself as your “guide from the side“, drawing out your own wisdom, and offering guidance and information where it might be helpful.  I help you to hear yourself think in deeper ways, and I know you have so much to offer.  I hope that you will feel a lot of ownership of the process. Almost as if you’ve done the work yourself, with lots of support from me as wind in your sails.  

A few helpful things to know about me: I have informal approach- you can relax, yawn, and put your feet up in my office.  Also, I am not a microphone to your parents— the therapy belongs to you.

You might find that, with my support, you already have most of the answers you need inside of you; it is a matter of discovering your inner knowing and confidence.

Parents, please reach out to set up an initial appointment, and ask me any questions you have!

Child and Therapist


Sometimes we have a family concern that we don’t know how to engage on our own.

As parents we sometimes feel like we are up against too many competing demands.  For children and teens, there can be a desire to be deeply heard, to play an active role 

in communicating and decision making. 

Often, family members come to me feeling that they each have tried everything,

and “nothing’s worked."  An experienced guide can help you get traction and experience each other in gentle, honest and more hopeful ways.  Young people bring much wisdom and fresh perspective,

and it’s important to draw that out.

I am experienced with, and deeply enjoy, supporting family members of all ages in resolving conflicts and moving forward with resilience. I also work with adult siblings, and other combinations of family and friend groups. 

If you are considering this type of work, I highly recommend looking into it, whether it is with myself or another therapist. Parent/ Child or Family therapy can be very effective, with a high return on investment. This can take the form of shared healing, mutual respect/ curiosity, and renewed sense of possibility for the future.

Psychologist Session


My speciality in founder therapy addresses issues of stress, identity, mood, and relationship concerns. For founders, there is intense pressure to perform, concurrent with the toll the long hours take physically and relationally.  You may find yourself feeling off balance or vulnerable, wanting to move on from past dynamics. 

I can help you establish healthy new directions, and generalize this growth into reliable and inspired ways of engaging. 

We will look at how being a founder touches your personal psychology, exploring where you feel stuck, and what you feel called towards next.  

Often founders benefit from my nervous system balancing work.  We will welcome the processes of nervous system, emotion, relationship, decision making, and boundaries, towards greater choice and psychological awareness.

What is different about my work than some therapists:  While working cognitively, we may also engage active, applied mindfulness, supporting you to access new and different parts of yourself.  This depth of approach can help you apply these new ways of being in the outside world more authentically, and with greater staying power.  I'm happy to talk with you to discuss how I can help you move forward.



The programs I lead at the Esalen Institute invite you into the liminal space of a supportive retreat. Enjoy the hot springs, healthy meals, and gorgeous wild California coast. Our programming invites you to put the world aside and immerse into your senses.

We often begin our programs with a short theatrical play that highlights themes relevant to the families in attendance.  Through myth we invite participants into the deep play of the spirit. 

From there, we follow a rhythm of large group mindfulness games, to small group activities scattered throughout the Esalen property, that connect back to our larger themes.

Our five senses are a big part of this retreat.  Our senses cannot be felt tomorrow, or yesterday;

we experience them in the present moment.  Our program is sprinkled with fun sensory experiences that draw your family into the spirit of timeless presence.

Sign up early, as these programs do fill. If you have questions, please reach out via email or phone.

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